Plateau Buster


Was $50/week

Now $30/week

A program built around explosive strength and hypertrophy concepts. Only available as a customizable 4 week online training experience.

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Build Strength

Build Size

Build Mental Fortitude

Destroy Plateaus

An extreme 4 week, 9 workouts in 6 Days workout program that obliterates your preconceived idea that you are as strong as you think you are. This program works by abusing and overloading the eccentric phase of movement, resulting in a huge breakdown of muscle tissue and a massive amount of stress on your tendons and CNS. This might seem counter intuitive, but you will have a large amount of rest after your accumulation phase (you wont want to workout on your rest periods because you will be that sore). In this rest period is where the magic happens. Even after 1, 4 week cycle, you can expect to see drastic improvements in your strength and power. It is suggested that you do this program with a workout partner to help keep you accountable and not let you be a pussy.

To know if you're doing this program right you will -

  • Lose strength
  • Lose muscle
  • Be chronically overtrained
  • Experience aching tendons and joints
  • Be brutally sore
  • Experience depression

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