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Product-of-the-productAre you looking for fast fat loss? The secret sauce to getting you in the best shape of your life is crafting a diet strategy which you love! This means, there’s no chance of failure. 95% of diets fail because of lack of adherence and feeling constantly unsatisfied. Join me with a proven strategy for fast fat loss and to keep it off where you get to eat foods that REALLY satisfy!

I created this for you from my own personal experiment. I am a product of the product. I went from 95kg down to 72kg and was clearly able to build muscle. I didn’t have to torture myself like most other weight loss diets.

Become proud of the way you look, increase your natural testosterone production and feel like a king!

Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.

This is not a done for you program, it is an educational resource so you know the science and understand why your body is changing. You learn how to lose fat, keep fat off. And if you do rebound some day, you know exactly how to get back to where you want to be.

If you are someone who needs it done for you, sign up for my 4/8/12 week nutrition programming.


You're the Man!

But you're tired. You don't have enough time. You're not getting enough sleep. "Insert another excuse here" Dad Bod here I come!!

It is almost inevitable in gaining a few extra kilos with such a huge change in your life. Maybe this happened a few years ago and you're spinning your wheels wanting to get back in shape but not too sure where to begin.

Low Fat, High Fat, Low Carb, High Carb, high protein, protein only, meal replacement shakes, count your calories, IIFYM, intermittent fasting, crash diets, Atkins, vegan, vegetarian, Keto, calories in vs calories out, blah blah blah.

I'm sure you've heard all of the latest and greatest theories out there, but how many of these people are actual dad's going through the same as you? How many "gurus" out there are regular family men that don't live in a gym and have sponsors to have them in a gym all day peddling their products?

There's almost too many different ways you can try to lose weight these days, but most require a heap of time and effort, and sometimes expensive investments to even just try to understand what you need to do to lose weight.

No one really wants to have a dad bod. Yes, they seem to be more socially acceptable, but do you actually enjoy being fat? Do you actually enjoy having low testosterone? If so, you're a slob, not a man.

What if you had the key to reverse the obesity epidemic and the insulin over-production that underpins it?

Could you change your life? What about help change those lives around you?

Eat less, move more is terrible and outdated science.

In the context of humans, it is deadly.

Did you know that for the majority of people that are overweight, they are still malnutritioned?

Humans thrive with lower body fat and since we are not in need of an emergency fuel source while we wait for our next feed to come along, it is something we can and should maintain. A male at 10% or under you would more than likely be the leanest you have ever been.  Following Dad Bod Rehab, you will be able to live well and not feeling hungry. It has helped me reach sub 10% and maintain. Dad Bod Rehab can be used year-round and can cycle in and out of phases depending on where your sitting at in regards to your goal.

It sounds too good to be true.

It has worked for hundreds already.

It will work for thousands, if not millions more.

You  will have the tools for rapid change and to shift your metabolism and banish the Dad Bod.


Joel Schulte – Adaptive Range + Strength


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