Get personal coaching that delivers life-changing results with a way of eating & exercising that actually fits into your life style — instead of controlling it.



In your one time 12 week program purchase of online personal training you can expect:

- A progressive, daily workout plan that will be molding you to reach your physical goals

- Lose fat

- Strengthen connective tissue

- Increase muscle strength, size and range of motion

- Improve compound movements and key lifts

- Improve dexterity of movements

- Bulletproof you from non-contact injury

- Eliminate pain

- Unlimited progressions/regressions dependent on your ability

With the ARAS Coaching mobile app,
you'll get…

  • Unlimited Support
    Connect with your me, your coach, send texts, submit pics and videos for feedback, and keep your conversations all in one place with in-app messaging.
  • Mobile-Friendly Workouts
    Everything you need at your fingertips, no matter where you are.
  • ​​Exercise Demo Videos
    Expert guidance from me so you always know exactly what to do.
  • Calendar
    Your workout schedule and weekly check-ins all in one place, easy to rearrange depending on your schedule.
  • ​​Accountability Reminders
    In-app notifications help remind you of events, workouts, and help you stay accountable and a weekly check in.


In your 4/8/12 week online nutrition coaching purchase you can expect:

- A personalized Daily meal plan

- Affordable and Easy Meals

- Simple and Sustainable meals for a busy lifestyle

- Only eat foods you actually enjoy

- A daily breakdown of where you sit in regards to the recommended daily vitamins and minerals needed for optimal health

- A daily breakdown of Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats to optimize your body and muscle development

- A daily goal for caloric intake for your energy needs and composition goals - lose fat and gain muscle

- Specialized programs include Meat Based, Vegetable Based or anywhere along the spectrum.

- Ongoing support to help you with positive choices

- Cronometer Gold membership to assist you in tracking your intake of macro and micronutrients, as well as calories, protein, fats and carbohydrates.

What you put in your mouth really does matter, just as it matters with how much.

If you want to get shredded for summer or add mass in your strength endeavors, I will be able to provide you with an exact plan on how to get there. It's all about putting the right foods into your body.


You’ll get incredible results — or your money back.

Here’s my promise: show up consistently, and reach out to me when you need help. If you’ve done that, and you're not happy with what you’ve accomplished at the end of your subscription, I’ll give you back every penny you spent.



I started working with Joel on a gym program that would help me get better strength and range. In the last 12 weeks I have significantly improved my squat and deadlift. After having tight hips from sitting down all day for 9 hours at work, it was hard to find something that would stretch out my legs. I had tried yoga but the stretches that I am doing in my program now, combined with the lifts, completely eliminated my pain.

Genna, 27

In the first 3 - 9 days the bad bacteria in my stomach was screaming for carbs, my cravings were for things like coke, chocolate, ice-cream, kettle chips etc. Around this time I'm sure I was beginning to enter ketosis. I was able to dull the cravings with the keto snacks Joel suggested and by making sure I stayed below 30g of carbs every day. My personnel benefits from following Joel's Dense Nutrition advice: Candida symptoms cleared up completely (white tongue, bad BO, sugar cravings etc) Energy levels improved (even on low amounts of sleep because of shift work) and even increased workout performance Skin cleared up, no deep blind acne Joel definitely knows what he's talking about and how to help you live your best life. I recommend this lifestyle 💯

Jake, 29

I found the exercises very well designed for my needs. I had significant back, hip and knee pain and Joel was able to help with modifying the knee and hip exercises to allow me to actually do them and also gave different levels of difficulty in each of the exercises. At 6 weeks into the program I had major abdominal surgery and felt I had been able to give my body some extra strength to cope with the surgery. I would highly recommend the programming no matter what your ability as he can help you with alternate ways to complete the exercises.

Veronica , 61

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