About ARAS


I’m Joel Schulte /@adaptiverangeandstrength

oI am an adaptive athlete and coach that has used my own body to test different strategies on the journey to find the optimum conditions for body composition and a healthy balance in the body.

My main focus is to teach myself to be able to use my body properly again, then give that to people that are looking for more from their own lives.

I apply all of my previous and current education from my journey which has allowed me to have the energy and strength to consistently break personal records, significantly reduce body fat percentages and gain lean muscle mass.

I am a lifelong learner in that my journey in knowledge and experience is never fully complete.


The qualifications that I have completed to help me be a better coach and to get the results you're looking for:

- Certificate III & IV in Fitness

- Certificate IV Training and assessing (Allows me to teach personal trainers to get their Cert III & IV in fitness

- Bachelor of Education

- Diploma in Sport Nutrition

- Real MVMT/ATG Certified Coach

- GGS Pre and Post Natal Coach Certification


My Experiences include:

- Head Strength and Conditioning coach for the Central Queensland Capras Cyril Connell Challenge team

- Strength and Conditioning coach for Yeppoon Rams Rugby League, Rugby 7's and Netball Squads


Satisfied Clients

"Adaptive Range & Strength is about mastering your movement and acquiring the strength and skills to be confident in your body."

My Skills

I specialize in developing strength, functional mass and range in the human body. I work with sporting teams and individuals (both contact and non-contact sports) to prepare their bodies for an upcoming season and help ensure they reduce non-contact injuries mid-season.

I work with adults who would like to revisit what it is to move like a child again. To be flexible and resilient in movement.

I am a certified pre- & post-natal trainer that understands the niche needs of women in these stages of life to be safe, confident and strong.

My passion lays in helping those with brain injuries to learn how to use their bodies again. To regain their skills and strength and be confident in their body.

I deliver results.

I'm a sucker for success stories. The World needs more of them. You can help.

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