About ARAS


I’m Joel Schulte /@adaptiverangeandstrength

Who would think that attempting to start an online coaching business would be a good idea? Well, I do!

But why?

That is a fair question, especially in the current economic climate. It boils down to this… I want to help as many people as I possibly can to achieve the level of ability and health that I am experiencing. For my size, I am strong. For my age and gender, I am in great shape (no dad bod here guys).

It started out when I was young, I decided to be a Health and Physical Education Teacher in Queensland, Australia. Simply so that I could teach kids the rights and wrongs of health, and to be skillful at physical activity and sports.

But then I had a stroke. I was 15 years old. Not able to walk, not able to feed myself, not even able to move anything on the right side of my body. I started out being very down on myself, as expected, in my teens all of a sudden not being able to play sports that I loved. No one would let me, even though I wanted to. I went to my therapy, I did everything I was told to do, to be able to not be in hospital.

Years passed with limited ability. I became a HPE teacher. I gained some more strength when I joined a gym. But then I wanted to be as good, if not better, than other people in the gym in movement and physical ability. I wanted it to look that I wasn’t actually disabled to anyone who met me. I had to change what I was doing. My body didn’t work like anyone else’s that I knew. Balance was an issue, as well as the strength difference from right to left. I was neither structurally balanced, nor was I coordinated. I had to relearn all the basics.

I began by eating in a specific way that would make my brain work to the best of its ability. I was eating foods that would nourish my entire being with zero inflammation or digestive issues. Foods that would feed my brain the energy it needed. I lost over 20kg within a few months just by eating better food.

I started training and received mentorship from Keegan Smith/@theatgmentor at Real Movement (now called ATG For Coaches). Through Keegan, I also had the pleasure of being mentored by the likes of Ben Patrick/@kneesovertoesguy (Founder of Athletic Truth Group or ATG) and Lucas Aaron/@rangeofstrength. My education included sports specific coaching, how to add muscle to a body, how to strip fat off a body, how to make a body more flexible, how to gain strength and power, how to bulletproof ligaments, tendons, muscles and joints.  Through this education and training that I was doing with my mentors and ATG for Coaches, I was able to break all previous strength PR’s I had set, some quite significantly! In January 2021 I went ahead and put everything I had learned into practice. I wrote myself a program to follow and created a meal plan specific to my goals. As of 26th of March, My deadlift went from 120kg to 140kg, ass to grass squat from 110kg to 125kg, cyclist front squat from 80kg to 90kg, bench press 102.5kg to 110kg and  weighted pull-ups 10kg – 30kg. During this same period I dropped from 17.1% body fat to 9.9%. Never have I ever been as impressed with my own strength and body composition gains! My ATG for coaches education is ongoing and am currently working my way through the 8 levels of coaching standards. It is quite interesting and challenging to make my way through these standards as I can only get through each level if I can coach other individuals to meet the standards of each level, adding an extra trainee at each level. eg. level 4 I need to be at that level as well as 4 clients. 5 clients for level 5, and so on. I can personally achieve all standards up to level 6, so I am working towards helping my clients achieve this world class standard.

During my time working with ATG for Coaches, My wife became pregnant so I really wanted to learn how to best help her through her pregnancy and into the future in regards to ensuring her body was up to the challenge of growing and raising a baby and come out the other end unscathed. I studied through the Girls Gone Strong Academy (founded by Molly Galbraith/@themollygalbraith) and became a certified specialist in Post- & Pre-natal coaching. I feel extremely grateful for this education because it will allow me to help more and more women in her position moving into the future.

With my new knowledge, skills and abilities I found myself at a stage where I could really help those who had been in a similar situation as me, those who had experienced significant acquired brain injuries.

I have an unusual launching platform. Most people wouldn’t be able to be in this position. I have the pleasure of being a trainer and assessor for year 11 and 12 school students to complete their certificate III in fitness. The additional content that I am able to teach them from my own knowledge and experience about being a fitness instructor is incredibly valuable and much more in-depth than what the regular curriculum teaches them. Each year, I have the pleasure of sending out, on average, 25-30 newly certified fitness instructors knowing that I have made the industry better for everyone in the future.

I am delighted to be the leader in strength and conditioning training of all sporting teams in the school I work at and even have the opportunity to train the staff as well in a staff fitness program. That gives me the opportunity to positively impact hundreds of people’s lives each year.

I decided that for me to make the impact that I really want to make, I need to do something that is separate to the curriculum. Separate from the limitations of working for the department. This is where Adaptive Range + Strength was born.

So here I am. Here to help you the best I can. My wealth of knowledge is at your disposal. Here to help you achieve your body composition goals. Here to help people of all ages, shapes and sizes redefine their body’s ability to produce strength and movement. 

Satisfied Clients

“Adaptive Range & Strength is about mastering your movement and acquiring the strength and skills to be confident in your body.”

My Skills

I specialize in developing strength, functional mass and range in the human body. I work with sporting teams and individuals (both contact and non-contact sports) to prepare their bodies for an upcoming season and help ensure they reduce non-contact injuries mid-season.

I work with adults who would like to revisit what it is to move like a child again. To be flexible and resilient in movement.

I am a certified pre- & post-natal trainer that understands the niche needs of women in these stages of life to be safe, confident and strong.

My passion lays in helping those with brain injuries to learn how to use their bodies again. To regain their skills and strength and be confident in their body.

I deliver results.

I’m a sucker for success stories. The World needs more of them. You can help.

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