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Lower Body: Week 1 - Sesion 3

Warm up - potentiation: (9 minutes)

3 rounds Superset:

A1. Cyclist squat - 3 second hold each rep (1 minute)


A2. Floor Quad Stretch (30 seconds each side)


A3. Standing single leg calf stretch on slant board (30 seconds each side)

TIP: engage glutes and push hips over your toes

A: Cyclist Squat

10D10 @ BW

B: Barbell Deadlift

TIP: "sit on the edge of your chair"
@ 50% BW

C: Walking Lunges

3x30 seconds @ BW
TIP: long strides and don't let back knee touch the floor

D: Jefferson Curls

5D5 with 10% BW
TIP: Wrist bellow toes

 E: Boxing The Compass

60 seconds each position each side


This is just one example of one workout for one day. Each program is customized to you according to your goals and equipment you have available.

Each and every exercise has a demonstration video of exactly how to perform the movement, including any important ques to help you get the exercise done right. Your form videos that you upload into the app will be reviewed on a daily basis to help you move better and complete each future session with better efficiency. Over time you will be able to see you movement patterns getting better and better.

Think of this as a 1-on-1 personal training session, that you can do at your own pace at any time of the day, anywhere.

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