Redefine your body's ability

to produce strength and movement

Adaptive Range & Strength is about mastering your movement and acquiring the strength and skills to be confident in your body.





All programs are evidence based and have been proven to fill the gaps in structural balance and give you the platform you need to excel.

 Customizable Programs

Join me in one of the programs that I have previously made for myself or my wife, Genevieve.

Each of these programs that I made for myself were rigorously designed to help achieve our goals at the time.

Each program is 12 weeks in length, that progresses towards the goal of the program on a weekly basis.

These range from basic remodeling of how the body works and moves, from my early days of stroke recovery. To advanced flexibility and strength training routines that helped me break my personal records and eliminate pain.

They also include workouts programs from the different phases of pregnancy and beyond for my wife. Helping her to remain strong and flexible to help her through her own journey.

EVERY SINGLE ONE of these programs in the catalogue are able to be modified to your schedule, for example, most of these programs are 5-6 days per week in length. Many people do not want to, or do not have the time to go to the gym that much in a week. So, I modify and customize to the what the client wants and needs.


Meet Jake. I worked with Jake, who is a Miner. He works 5 days on - 5 days off, with night shift/day shift 12 hours+/day. On top of this runs his family farm. He didn't want to be spending much more time away from family but is still very health conscious and wanted to gain size and strength. So, I modified and condense his chosen program (he didn't want a fully custom program because he had seen how strong I was getting on the "Dense Strength" program) to 3 days for him and made sure that the workout is only going to take 45-60 minutes. He still got a tonne of work done and was able to make significant gains (Increased bench by 20kg and was able to fix his squat).

ARS Custom Made With You Programming

The “Built With You” program is a program designed with you by my side with your goals/likes/dislikes/personality in mind. Your program will be as intense as needed. You are GUARENTEED to not be doing anything remotely similar to anyone else.

Check out the JOIN page to see what I get with ARAS Programming?

Make Your strength in movement a Priority.

I certainly will.

Increase Range

Tendons, ligaments and muscles that are able to express strength through the full range of motion are less likely to experience injury.


Increase Strength

The ability to increase your body's structural integrity has a profound effect on quality of life. Not only will you look good, you'll feel even better.

Improve Dexterity of Movements

Improvements in the mind-body connection will have carry over effects to your ability to use your limbs how you intend to. Doing so creates a safer environment for your entire body.


Your journey to regaining your natural potential starts now.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

I started working with Joel on a gym program that would help me get better strength and range. In the last 12 weeks I have significantly improved my squat and deadlift. After having tight hips from sitting down all day for 9 hours at work, it was hard to find something that would stretch out my legs. I had tried yoga but the stretches that I am doing in my program now, combined with the lifts, completely eliminated my pain.


In the first 3 - 9 days the bad bacteria in my stomach was screaming for carbs, my cravings were for things like coke, chocolate, ice-cream, kettle chips etc. Around this time I'm sure I was beginning to enter ketosis. I was able to dull the cravings with the keto snacks Joel suggested and by making sure I stayed below 30g of carbs every day. My personnel benefits from following Joel's Dense Nutrition advice: Candida symptoms cleared up completely (white tongue, bad BO, sugar cravings etc) Energy levels improved (even on low amounts of sleep because of shift work) and even increased workout performance Skin cleared up, no deep blind acne Joel definitely knows what he's talking about and how to help you live your best life. I recommend this lifestyle

Jake, 29

I found the exercises very well designed for my needs. I had significant back, hip and knee pain and Joel was able to help with modifying the knee and hip exercises to allow me to actually do them and also gave different levels of difficulty in each of the exercises. At 6 weeks into the program I had major abdominal surgery and felt I had been able to give my body some extra strength to cope with the surgery. I would highly recommend the programming no matter what your ability as he can help you with alternate ways to complete the exercises.

Veronica, 61

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